Charles Darwin


There are many web sites devoted to Darwin; the focus of this site is on Darwin as a person and as a writer. 


Charles Darwin by Walker Boutall, after Maul and Fox. Photogravure  (circa 1854) NPGx5930

On this site there’s a short account of his lifeand to put Darwin's work in context there's a page on earlier thinkers who had similar ideas, and also a page on Darwin's contemporaries who worked with him or influenced him. I have not written about the influence of his ideas on modern science.

I have also not ventured very far into the vast morass of words that have been written about the impact of his theory on conventional Christianity, but I do look at what Darwin himself wrote about God

Darwin’s experience of other writers, poets, playwrights and novelist was important in his own writing and he was famous enough to appear in other writer’s works so there is a page on Darwin and  literature. For anyone who’d like to know more on this subject I recommend the book Darwin the Writer by the literary critic George Levine.

Darwin was no musician but his experience of music was also important to him. In his book The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex Darwin explores the sounds made by many species, especially 'the instrumental music used by birds 'to charm the female.' 

There is also a page on his last book on worms, which, he shows us, accomplish great feats of strength and make a great difference to the world

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